Saturday, April 21, 2012

Running Update

I'm running almost daily now and I must say I'm addicted! The excitement I feel as I mentally prepare myself for hours before I run, the doubt in my mind when my feet first hit the ground, and then the pride and disbelief I feel when I reach my "finish line" is incredible! There really isn't anything like the high you feel after you've pushed your hardest and once again achieved what you thought was impossible! I'm still a beginner though and have a long way to go before I will think of myself as "a runner".

So far my best distance is 2.15 miles in about 26 minutes, which I'm pretty excited about! Back when I couldn't even run a full mile yet I thought it would take me months to be able to run 2 miles! And best of all I didn't feel like I was dying afterwards, which means I know I can do better!

Although the place Mike and I go to run is very hilly, I do love that it is in a very natural setting. Smelling flowers and hearing birds while you run is wonderful! And just yesterday a baby deer darted out of the woods and came up beside me and ran with me! It was so close I could have touched it! After it realized I was a person and not it's mother it ran back into the woods and I stopped running just long enough to snap a picture of it's white backside sticking out of the trees. :)

The weather has been cold the last couple days, so I'm hoping it warms up so I can try to beat my best distance. It's very hard to run very long when you can't feel your legs! I'll keep you updated!


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